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Living Proof


2011 GRAMMY®



LAKE TAHOE ACTION Magazine November, 2010

“At 74 years of age, Buddy Guy is still one of the baddest mo’fo’s on the planet. He recently stormed the stage in Springfield, Illinois and played like a man possessed of a spirit half his age. On his most lyrically reflective album, Guy gets down to the baddest of the bad with his awesome chops, fiery vocals, and fiesty personality. Legendary roots musician Tom Hambridge brought out the best in Mr. Guy helping him co-write most of the songs as well as appeared as this 12-song set’s drummer.

I really don’t have to go into any great detail on the best of the best that this album has to offer. Many critics will already and you can read their reviews if you feel like you have the time. I, however, don’t want to take up your listening time. I’m just going to tell you that this is a straight-up essential piece to Buddy’s discography. The two duets with B.B. King and Carlos Santana are well placed and well done. Santana’s addition is reminiscent to his appearance on John Lee Hooker’s “The Healer” in many ways. King and Guy’s ode to still being around is just a good time between two very good, fortunate friends. Standing next to his last effor Skin Deep, Living Proof presents a more even affair with better lyrics and just down-right better quality. It is more of Buddy being Buddy. I’m sorry to tell the rest of you, but unless the Academy is absolutely foolish (like they were last year with Ramblin’ Jack Elliott), you’ll find this as the premier choice for a Grammy next year unless B.B. decides to go in the studio again. Then, it will be a photo finish. Buddy isn’t slowing down anytime soon, and this album is a masterpiece from start to finish.”  JUKE JOINT SOUL

“My producer Tom Hambridge had a lot to do with that. I love working with this guy. Every body was skeptical when he produced my first record because he was new. Everybody was new though. Muhammed Ali was new. Joe DiMaggio and Babe Ruth were new when they went up there. If you give them a chance to prove it, look what happens!” Buddy Guy, October, 2010

“The album’s centerpiece, a poignant duet with B.B. King called Stay Around a Little Longer, was sparked by a joint concert in Nashville. At the beginning of his set, the 85-year-old King thanked the audience for coming and thanked God for letting him continue to play. From that, Hambridge — who has also worked with King — wrote the song for the two of them that expressed their love for the blues and admiration for each other. A video was recorded in Las Vegas and premiered Oct. 18.”  USA Today


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    Buddy Guy

    Living Proof

    By Mark Kemp
    October 26, 2010


    “I’m 74 years young,” Buddy Guy announces over dusty acoustic guitar in Living Proof‘s opener. He sounds like an ancient Mississippi bluesman — that is, until the screaming, Chicago-style electric lead kicks in, obliterating the sepia-tone ambience. Guy’s latest is a musical memoir in which he finds gratitude in “Stay Around a Little Longer” (a soulful duet with fellow aging blues vet B.B. King) and peace in his mortality in the gospel blues of “Everybody’s Got to Go.” From the Stratocaster sizzle of “Key Don’t Fit” to the piercing Telecaster sting of the title track, it’s the best batch of blues Guy’s cooked up in years.