April 25, 2018


“This is pure, no gimmicks, unadulterated rock and roll. Catchy and very cool. In between all this is just fun rock and roll that hasn’t been sung with this much passion since the early days of Springsteen.” USA Today

“It was a great show, and I told Hambridge after it was all over that I had no idea he had written so many of the songs on my iPod. Seriously. He just smiled. ” Michael Buffalo Smith – Swampland

“The lengthy list of gold and platinum sessions he’s either produced, played on or contributed songs to takes up several pages. But most importantly, Hambridge remains enthused and committed to quality performances and writings today.” Nashville City Paper

“Hambridge has discovered a way in Nashville to do it all — play drums, sing, write, and produce–without crossing the lines and jeopardizing his stature as a producer or songwriter.”
Berkleee Today

“…. a gifted songwriter with a knack for passionate and well-written rockers!” The New England Blues Review

” … tackles a song in a gritty manner, somewhere between The Del Fuegos and Tom Petty. Sixties rock colliding with southern boogie!” Steve Morse, The Boston Globe

” Hambridge is a super roots rocker!. If you love Seger, Springsteen, Mellencamp and Petty you’re gonna dig him …. a lot!” Nashville Music Scene

“On Skin Deep, savvy rock veteran Tom Hambridge (who produced, sung, played drums and co-wrote most of the songs) highlights Buddy Guy’s formidable fret work and voice – so much so that guest appearances by Eric Clapton, Robert Randolph, Derek Trucks and Boston-bred belter Susan Tedeschi never distract, but only enhance.” Larry Katz, Boston Herald

“Skin Deep, is one of Buddy Guy’s strongest yet. It’s produced by Tom Hambridge, who has written more than 300 songs, including hits for Grammy-winners and nominees Ashley Cleveland, Delbert McClinton, and Susan Tedeschi, among others. Guy said the songwriting collaboration with Hambridge was one of the most enjoyable parts. He said this is his first record with “100 percent new material,” something that makes him proud. Jay Miller

“… rocks relentlessly, AND leaves you begging for more.” THE BOSTON HERALD

” … mixture of surging, exuberant rock tinged with both blues and country influences, and songs that are thoughtful and literate enough to interest Americana fans ….”
Nashville City Paper

“…GLORIOUS, UNCUT, UNDILUTED, ROCK AND ROLL! I simply can not recommend this one highly enough!” RICHMOND TIMES

“It’s no wonder EMI Records has dubbed Hambridge “the Hammer,” based on his uncanny ability to work with artists across the musical spectrum. One day he’s getting calls from the singer of Smashmouth. Another day he finds out that country/gospel singer Ashley Cleveland’s album “Before the Daylight’s Shot,” on which Hambridge played drums, has won the Grammy for Best Rock Gospel album. Then he is honored with the 2007 ASCAP Song of the Year for co-writing Keith Anderson’s smash hit “Everytime I Hear Your Name”. And lately he’s reaching an even younger audience by singing on the soundtracks of Disney’s “Cars” and “Ratatouille.” ” The Boston Herald March 26, 2008

“Hambridge is a very good songwriter and producer. Something you don’t see very often by somebody who just plays drums and sings. If your a fan of the old Stones or Faces, and hungry for some o that kind of rock and roll, I promise you that you’ll love this one.” The Boston Globe